The Pillowman: Stage and Costume design

This was a six-week individual project designing set and costume for a speculative production of Martin McDonagh’s The Pillowman at the Midlands Art Centre.

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Skills acquired or improved in this project:

  • Set and Costume design for Stage
  • Understanding the limitations of the venue
  • Modelmaking in scale 1:25
  • lighting a scale model to convey mood changes
  • Using photoshop to create costume designs
  • Working to a script

Puppetry Project

This was a group project where we produced a puppetry performance based on the poem Alphabet by Edward Gorey. We each chose a line from the poem to work from and I chose: X is for Xerxes devoured by mice. From this extract I designed and made a puppet for the character Xerxes with accompanying shadow puppets.

Skills learnt from this project:

  • Designing a character from an unusual name.
  • Designing, making and performing a manipulatable puppet.
  • sourcing costume for a puppet.
  • making shadow puppets that move in synchronisation.
  • The experience of putting on a performance, coordinating with others and working to cues.

Wild West Paper Instillation [January 2011]

This was a three-week group project completed by the whole year of 25-30 students. We were given the theme ‘Wild West’ and agreed on a design for the installation, then we separated into groups to work on different areas. I was part of a team of 5 people making the Native American figures.

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What I learnt from this project

This was a valuable exercise in teamwork as it was the first group project we did on the course. I learnt how to work with people and how to resolve issues and personality clashes with sensitivity and tact. I also learnt to adapt with limited materials by using unorthodox methods: we were restricted to only using paper, cardboard, tape and glue to make complex 3D structures.