Creating a Music Video

This was a 12 week group project to create music video. We had to generate a narrative theme around moods and atmosphere of a song selected by our tutors.

Between a group of eight the project comprised:

  • 4 weeks concept development and storyboarding
  • 3 weeks pre-production
  • 2 ½ days filming
  • 3 weeks post-production

The major work I undertook during the course of this project included design, making and sourcing both the superhero and plain clothes costumes for the two lead characters; Clive and Annie. However, I was involved in all aspects of the project from start to close.


Designing an attraction for Madame Tussauds

This was a 12 week individual project where we were given a brief by a creative director of Madame Tussauds to design a new attraction for Madame Tussauds in 10 years time.  I designed an interactive Star Trek themed attraction as the long-running franchise provided scope to explore new technologies  and would likely still be popular in 10 years time. We pitched our designs to the creative directors of Madame Tussauds and my attraction was shortlisted as one they liked.

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Production Design for a Short Film based on ‘Einstein’s Dreams’

For this 8 week individual project we were given the novel Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman as a starting point but were allowed the freedom to take the project in any direction best suited to us. I am interested in production design for film and this was the first opportunity I had to pursue that interest, so I designed 3 sets for a short film based on one particular chapter. Following the industry standard I made 1:50 scale white card models with technical drawings and an accompanying code book.