Creating a Music Video

This was a 12 week group project to create music video. We had to generate a narrative theme around moods and atmosphere of a song selected by our tutors.

Between a group of eight the project comprised:

  • 4 weeks concept development and storyboarding
  • 3 weeks pre-production
  • 2 ½ days filming
  • 3 weeks post-production

The major work I undertook during the course of this project included design, making and sourcing both the superhero and plain clothes costumes for the two lead characters; Clive and Annie. However, I was involved in all aspects of the project from start to close.


2000 Trees Festival Work Experience

I worked at 2000 Trees Festival in both 2011 and 2012 building, painting, weather proofing and rigging large scale artwork in teams. Being on site during the week leading up to the Festival meant that I experienced the hard work and organisation involved in putting on a festival.

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Download Festival Work Experience

During this work experience for Download Festival I worked in a group of 5 people carving a foam sculpture from a 2D image of the Download Dog logo. We coated the sculpture in fibre glass, then painted and weather proofed it. I also assisted in other areas including the maintenance and painting of large letters and other sculptures.

Puppetry Project

This was a group project where we produced a puppetry performance based on the poem Alphabet by Edward Gorey. We each chose a line from the poem to work from and I chose: X is for Xerxes devoured by mice. From this extract I designed and made a puppet for the character Xerxes with accompanying shadow puppets.

Skills learnt from this project:

  • Designing a character from an unusual name.
  • Designing, making and performing a manipulatable puppet.
  • sourcing costume for a puppet.
  • making shadow puppets that move in synchronisation.
  • The experience of putting on a performance, coordinating with others and working to cues.

Wild West Paper Instillation [January 2011]

This was a three-week group project completed by the whole year of 25-30 students. We were given the theme ‘Wild West’ and agreed on a design for the installation, then we separated into groups to work on different areas. I was part of a team of 5 people making the Native American figures.

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What I learnt from this project

This was a valuable exercise in teamwork as it was the first group project we did on the course. I learnt how to work with people and how to resolve issues and personality clashes with sensitivity and tact. I also learnt to adapt with limited materials by using unorthodox methods: we were restricted to only using paper, cardboard, tape and glue to make complex 3D structures.